We understand waiting at reception in health facilities can be frustrating. Therefore, all our examinations, except for general x-rays require an appointment. General x-rays do not require an appointment because they are quick in comparison to other studies and do not require special preparation. If you are requesting a general x-ray, you are simply required to walk in and you will be summoned from reception as soon as you have progressed to the front of the queue.

All other examinations require an appointment as these take longer to perform and often require special preparation. We do not want to keep you for longer than is absolutely necessary so to minimise delays, we ask that you contact our staff to arrange an appointment.

If your matter is urgent, ask your doctor to speak to our radiologist or reception staff and we will do our best to find a suitable time.


Some examinations need special preparation. It is important to follow these instructions because failure to do so may affect your images and our ability to interpret them. For preparation information about your procedure, please refer to our information sheets, or contact our staff at any time.

If you are a walk-in patient, our staff will ask you to follow the special preparation instructions required for your examination. While we are aware this may inconvenience you, as you may be waiting for hours, adhering to special preparation is a necessary step in order to produce the best images possible.


After your examination, our reception staff will advise you of when your films and a full diagnostic report will be ready for pick up. You will need to arrange a follow-up appointment with your doctor to discuss your results.

Some of your referring doctors may request us to electronically send your images and report to them for their quick review. We always comply with this request.




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