The Alfred Imaging Group uses medical imaging technology known as Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS) to electronically store and access patient images and reports. All patient information is kept in our secure network and is subject to our strict privacy policies. As a referrer, you are granted special privileges to view your patient’s images and full diagnostic report online.

For your convenience, The Alfred Imaging Group uses third party organisations to electronically deliver images and diagnostic reports in a timely manner. All third party organisations involved in handling patient data have been checked to comply with our privacy policies as well as the Privacy Act 1998.

For your convenience, we offer 2 methods of viewing your patient’s data. We suggest you gain access to at least one of these methods as it is the easiest and fastest way of transmitting and viewing images and reports, which is imperative in urgent cases.


PACS allow referrers to view the complete study of their patients i.e. all images and a full diagnostic report. All patient data is stored centrally so it does not require software installation. To get access, simply contact one of our staff who will arrange set up with our IT team. Please have your practice details and provider number handy.


Healthlink is an internationally recognised health systems integrator. We recognise that some medical practitioners may prefer to use Healthlink because of its ability to streamline their clinical software system with the software systems of their health service providers. To eliminate the hassles of creating additional accounts such as log-in details and passwords, The Alfred Imaging Group also makes their diagnostic reports available on Healthlink. Healthlink has the added benefit of being able to electronically transmit referral forms and letters between referrers and our practices. For referrers who prefer to view images of their patients’ examination, we suggest you gain access to PACS or Medi Nexus. If you wish to view your patients report through Healthlink, contact one of our staff who will arrange set up with our IT team. Please have your practice details and Healthlink number handy.




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